Quality Ageing

Age is a matter of mind, if you don’t mind, it does not matter!

Ancient Proverb

There is no pill to rewind time though there are many pills, some important ones from Swyssi, to allow healthier and happier, longer life in wisdom and dignifying ageing. We serve humanity by looking after people with long-term chronic diseases.

In our mission, we are disillusioned about the deep cracks in the social and health systems: we rely on the force of systemic and compliant medication care that is put in synergy with health promotion, persuasive medical vocation and disease prevention as disruptive influences and key drivers throughout entire human life, much more so at any advancing age.

We have thus redefined the notion of old as being wise and experienced, emotionally intelligent with a distant birth date!

True Leadership

What makes us leaders in cure and medication care?

Intelligence and skills, determination in R&D, toughness in always putting the patient first and modern vision how to serve communities better – yes – good, but not enough!

Emotional intelligence and sharing knowledge as softer and more personal, authentic qualities of Swyssi management and the entire global healthcare and pharmaceuticals team is our ferocious and relentless maestro of disruptive influence and the single most powerful impact factor with a professional human touch.

We work in progress for ‘a symphony of knowledge sharing and friendship for a long happy life

The route to becoming a global medication care powerhouse: bringing together and enticing health pundits, medicine icons and business leaders, from the world of extending longevity and reducing mortality, to debate and seek sustainable solutions alongside the rapid rise of the appeals and challenges is our core expertise in professional influence.